Glass Blowing Supplies

Schott Tubing and Rod:

It is widely acknowledged that Schott Tubing make the best glass tubing and rod in the world; it’s straight, it’s round, it’s consistent and we stock it in New Zealand.


We always have a wide range of DURAN 3.3 borosilicate tubing and rod available ex stock and will indent ex-Germany for your special requirements.  Available in either full cases or single canes (nominal 1.5 m)


Tubing & Rod Catalogue


DURAN Glassblowing Components:

The “Medica” components – ground joints, screw threads, stopcocks, etc. – we stock are the genuine article, from DURAN Group in Wertheim. Over 150 common-use lines are kept on the shelf in New Zealand and we will indent for special requirements.


Components Catalogue