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PTFE Laboratory Products

PTFE, stainless steel and boro glass tissue grinder

Technical Glass Products Limited is able to offer top quality British PTFE products purchased directly from the manufacturer rather than repackaged from a laboratory plastics supplier. This enables us to supply the entire range of, for instance, stirring magnets manufactured, rather than just the particular sizes and types that might be listed in an onsellers catalogue. And it allows us to offer very good pricing.

We try to carry a good range of stirring magnets (stirbars, fleas) and tapered joint sleeves in stock at all times, we can supply a very extensive range of PTFE beakers, flasks, componentry etc. and even custom specified products, all purchased directly ex works.

And yes, we know, it’s not actually glassware - but it is used with glassware – and the exception proves the rule. And anyway, the Glisseal grease we sell isn’t glassware either.

PTFE Beakers PTFE stirrer magnets