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OEM Manufacturing:

Consulting, Design, Development, Manufacture

Technical Glass Products Limited offers a wide ranging service to manufacturers and technical suppliers and provides capabilities from consulting and custom design solutions and prototyping, through to series production of branded OEM products.

Current OEM manufacturing areas include wet chemistry, engineering, environmental, jewellery (vacuum-formed component) and instrumentation.


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An example of the process in action may be found in our development of a sensor electrode for a new instrument as it was moved into production by the manufacturer. In this instance a particular sensor design was suggested by our company, this was taken through proof of concept, prototyping, adapted to the customer's requirements through the alpha units before moving into serial numbered series manufacture by TGP.

Besides bench and lathe glassblowing, our capabilities include centrifuging, profile forming, thread rolling, vacuum forming and glass to metal. In addition, our connections within Schott Group provide us with knowledge of, and access to, a wide range of materials and techniques available in our field internationally.

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