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Glisseal Laboratory Greases from Borer Chemie

Glisseal Laboratory Grease

As most scientific glassblowers will tell you, there are significant problems with using silicone greases on scientific glassware. The common alternative of using a range of specialized non-stabilised narrow spectrum laboratory greases is both complicated and expensive and may only adequately meet some of the requirements of the particular use.

Glisseal silicone-free greases provide an excellent broad-spectrum coverage of most laboratory grease requirements including vacuum and high vacuum, and temperature capabilities from -40 to +250 (up to 400 short term peak) with just two grease types and very reasonable prices.

Many labs have a drawer full of old, little understood specialised tubes of brown goo and one tube of clear grease which a salesperson assured them was the best because it was silicone, which is (unfortunately and incorrectly) used for everything. When the glassblower finally sorts the problem out, he or she uses Glisseal.

Technical Glass Products Limited carries Glisseal type N (red cap) and HV (blue cap) in stock.