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About Technical Glass Products Limited

Accuracy, Consistency, and Technical Knowledge

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Technical Glass Products Limited had its origins in 1987 as the manufacturing division of a New Zealand laboratory company. This division was purchased in 1991 and expanded to become a specialist scientific and technical glassware company, importing, stocking and manufacturing scientific and technical glassware and materials.

Technical Glass Products Limited has had a long association with the prestigious German Schott and DURAN groups and as well as importing and stocking the quality range of laboratory ware, the company is New Zealand's largest importer and stockist of glass tubing and glassblowing components. In addition to TGP’s requirements for these as materials for our own manufacturing operation, they are also supplied to all of New Zealand's University and custom scientific glassblowers.

In addition to manufacturing our own TGP brand of glassware, we manufacture 0EM branded glassware and supply technical solutions and prototype/custom products to a wide range of industries.

In short, Technical Glass Products Limited can meet your requirement for anything from a box of DURAN beakers, to a problem-solution/design/series-production item of industry-specific technical glassware.